I don’t know if I succeeded with Donna. I don’t know if I succeeded with After Vengeance. Maybe it’s all just trash electronic music not much better than my first Phatso Brown record 303 AM. Maybe it deserves scorn.

Don’t smoke kiddos. Photo courtesy Melissa S.

I don’t know.

What I do know is, I did the best I could. It’s all I had. This album, and these thoughts kept me from giving up. If I fail in my goals to have made the ‘ultimate electronic world music album’, that failure is one I will happy embrace. For just the process of producing these 16 songs, the process of sharing my thoughts with you, dear reader, made it all matter somehow, made it all make sense.

I hope you enjoy my music, my words and my delusions. I hope in some small way, these songs, my reflections, make you smile, cry, think, dance, and sing, and I hope you share them with your loved ones. May they inspire your own stories and be the soundtrack to a life well lived.

The heartbreak and utter darkness I experienced in 2020 might have been the catalyst, but the quirky and fun Egoist groove-box by Sugar Bytes is what got me excited about making music again.

Thank you.

Raza Ray is Phatso Brown
After Vengeance: An Electronic World Music Album written, composed, arranged, performed and produced by P Brown. (C)

All Photography by P Brown except where noted (and where impossible).

(June 2020 – March 2021)

Keyboards by Roland and Korg.
Synthesizers & Samples by Arturia, GForce, Inphonik, Korg, Loopmasters, Native Instruments, Reveal Sound, Softube, Ueberschall, and UVI.

Pretty much anything anyone is interested in on online forums: what gear did you use? FYI, most of it is in the black box under the desk.

Recording by SSL and Ableton.

Special FX by Audio Damage, Baby Audio, Brainworx, Cytomic, D16, Izotope, Klevgrand, Overloud, SugarBytes, and Wavesfactory.

Recorded at Fluid Groove Studio, Washington DC.

Production Assistance by Sander.

Special thanks to my parents. None of this was possible without your long suffering support.

Megan D. I’m your number one fan.

Paul Madsen aka Blume. My friend in music, my friend in life.

Daniel G. Friend. Loyal. Brother. Bartender.

Aaren San. We go way back, here’s to going way forward.

Jeanette, for being there during those dark months.

And to all my friends around the world, the ones I’ve met, and the ones I will meet down the road: Thank You!

Here’s to music. Here’s to life. Here’s to love. Here’s to the future!

May the journey be scenic, verdant and shaded. May we all find what we are looking for at the end of it.