Chapter 12: Roger’s House – The Home Where All is Music

This was a lot of fun too. A pure funk beastie that I’m especially proud of for the amount of groove I was able to squeeze into a three and a half minute song, it’s from the perspective of a kid growing up in ‘not exactly Beverly Hills’. He’s bright though, this kid, and musically gifted. He finds a kindred spirit in Roger, a kindly man I modeled on Quincy Jones, Nile Rodgers, and Giorgio Moroder. Basically, “Roger has the synthesizers, he’s got the drum machines, and I just want to make the beats.” I never ‘had’ a Roger. The closest I got was a musical instrument shop in Dubai, run by a surly Indian salesman, who knew I’d never able to afford a Korg Triton or a Roland XP30. I was able to ‘afford’ to take as many catalogues and brochures as I could, before he chased me off. Good times.

The modern day equivalent to my ‘Roger’s House’ in Dubai: Guitar Center just outside Washington. Of course, nowadays software is so good, you don’t really need all that hardware. Unless you’re Uncle Roger that is. I still want it.

Roger’s House is a throwback to a simpler time, if there ever was such a thing. When a kindly older man would mentor some young fool, take him under his wing, and show him how to program a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, instead of joining a gang or getting involved in typical male adolescent behavior that gets so many of us men at a young age.

Nile Rodgers, doing exactly what I sing about in Roger’s House, but on a much grander scale. Read about the We Are Family Foundation here. Funny, because I had no idea he was so socially engaged. I wrote the song first, and found out later…

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