Chapter 13: Drive Through – Love as Fast Food

You remember how I said that Saila was NOT autobiographical or about losing my love? THIS is. I don’t have much to say about Drive Through, except this was the song that forced me to admit, in spite of all my denials, that I was toxic, abusive and hurtful. I was also in love.

The ice will melt, and the tree will be green once again. Niagara Falls Nov. 2019.

“Don’t bleed on those that didn’t cut you”. Sometimes we end up doing just that. Hurting the ones that didn’t cause the pain, the abuse. These ‘fools’ hang around, they put up with our abuse, they’re patient with us, they treat us like gods and goddesses. Until we cut them to ‘repay’ them for their kindness. We bleed on them, and they, on us.

In that, we were both guilty.

Initially, an 808 fueled palate cleanser, this became more and more intense, and ended up being my second most personal track on the record. For that, I am grateful.

Not a TR 808 but better. D16’s excellent thump machine, Nepheton.

Is life a drive through? No, I’m not that cynical. But this is what happens when something beautiful, like love between two people, inexplicably fails. This is the order you placed, this is your meal.

Make your peace with it. Or keep returning.

Don’t want to eat at the Weenie Beenie for the rest of your life? Take better care of the ones you can’t live without.

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