Chapter 5: In The Box – The Plight of the Children of ISIS

My intro the album talks about the ‘ultimate’ acid house song. Silliness of course, but what I ended up with here is a feisty little banger that tries to ‘do’ acid a little differently. First a lot of those old acid house songs were really repetitive, because, Acid House. Secondly, they went on forever. Did I mention they were repetitive? Which is why In The Box is intentionally short and sweet. It’s also a palate cleanser of sorts as we move from the African and Middle Eastern section of the album to the next.

Roland’s TB303 is the sound of acid. I prefer my ABL3 from AudioRealism. It crushed the bassline on In The Box. The darkness I was looking for, the intensity, the bite. It was all there.

Musically, I wanted to layer the sound of Roland’s 303 with sort of a percussive call and response. I wanted to create a sense of drama, an unease. A lack of resolution even. The vocal line is me singing ‘koolo lehniya sa’aada’, which is gibberish. It’s also the voice of a young boy, trapped in essentially what is now essentially an ISIS refugee camp, with hundreds of young children being brainwashed daily, because no one knows what to do with them. Because no one hears them. Because no one wants to. They’re speaking gibberish.

They’re in a box.

Children gather on March 10 in al Hol camp, where they face few alternatives and an uncertain future. Robin Wright for Foreign Policy

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