The Music of After Vengeance

Every song has a story to tell.

Chapter 1: After Vengeance Begins

Chapter 2: Where Is India – Win El Hind?

Chapter 3: Hurry up – Harakisha! A Young Girl’s Call for Movement

Chapter 4: The Old Dead Man – Pir

Chapter 5: In The Box – The Plight of the ISIS Children

Chapter 6: Los Coyotes – I Must go North

Chapter 7: You and What Army – The Right Wing Rises

Chapter 8: Beaumont – The Story of Rayshard Brooks

Chapter 9: Activation – A Freedom Song

Chapter 10: Approach – The Fight Against One’s Inner Darkness

Chapter 11: Saila – A Song for the Losers in Love

Chapter 12: Roger’s House – The Home Where All is Music

Chapter 13: Drive Through – Love as Fast Food

Chapter 14: Red Line to Shady – Homelessness, DC, and Me

Chapter 15: Wa’laah – Why? The Middle East and Progress

Chapter 16: Donna – A Love Story